Monday, 22 August 2016

George Town Coffee Festival 2016

Following the overwhelming responses for last year's Coffee & Bakery Fair, 1st Avenue Mall is again bringing us the George Town Coffee Festival 2016 (#GTCoffeeFest) from 26-28 Aug 2016 at LG Floor, 1st Avenue Mall.

Coffee lovers & sweet-tooths, mark your calendar!

Besides a showcase of coffee, desserts and cakes, you may have an opportunity to learn handcrafting your own cup of coffee from the best baristas from Penang in a series of fun and exciting workshops.

Some of the highlights include:
If not, definitely DIY Cake Session by Say Cakes or DIY Donut Session by Jen Hotel will meet your taste. 

1) 27 Aug 2016: Coffee Brewing, Latte Art and Cupping workshops by Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters 
2) 28 Aug 2016: Hand Brew, Latte Art and Getting Know Your Beans and Roasting Profile workshops by Macallum Connoisseurs

If brewing coffee is not be your cup of tea, you may consider to join the Traditional Uji Matcha Tea Preparation Workshop by Niko Neko Matcha on both 27 & 28 August 2016. 

If not, surely DIY Cake Session by Say Cakes or DIY Donut Session by Hotel Jen will meet your taste. 

A festival will never be a festival without music. To jazz up the ambience the festival, 1st Avenue will also feature live performances by home-grown musical duo, The Brackets

The band has been working with famous artists such as Andy Lau, Tiger Huang, Jerry Yen, Nicole Lai and many more.

Of course never never forget the FREEBIES!
  • With purchase of RM30 and above, you will receive a FREE TGV movie pass and stand a chance to win Shinise Coffee gift set and Hotel Jen buffet lunch for 2 person. 
  • With purchase of RM20 and above, you will get FREE juice from 3 Monkeys Juice or FREE coffee cupcake from Say Cakes. 
Full list of participating exhibitors are Frank Laurent, Macallum Connoisseurs, Bread King, Classic Teddy Café, Container Café, Rabbit Softserve, Cube Coffee, Say Cakes, Shinise café & bistro, 3 monkeys juice, Jipangi, Niko Neko Matcha, Sangkaya, Penacon and Hotel Jen.

For more information and event updates please visit #GTCoffeeFest event page!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Leisure stay at Cititel Penang

Though Cititel Penang does not have the most beautiful beach in the island, its convenient accessibility to the vicinity of Georgetown undoubtedly makes this hotel as one of the most favourable city hotels among leisure and business travellers. 

Strategically located right in the heart of George Town World Heritage Site, Penang, the hotel offers an impressive list of attractions as its neighbours as such Upper Penang Road, the most vibrant dining and entertainment district in town, Blue Mansion, St. George Church and many more. You must never ever miss the famous Hammed soup which is just a stone's throw away from the hotel lobby.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Best part about lok-lok

Pulau Tikus Lok-lok
Lok-lok literally means dipping into boiling water in and out in Cantonese. 

The ingredients are readily skewered with a wooden stick. There are so many varieties of ingredients you may choose from. From fresh vegetables, various types of meat balls to all sort of shell fishes and seafood and many more!  Pick your favourite and you may start lok-lok in the hot boiling water. The fun moment is a bunch of friends gathering around the table and do lok-lok.

Chai Leng Park Seaside Lok-lok
However the best part of having lok-lok is not really the ingredients (The ingredients are pretty much the same for every lok-lok stall). Sauces are the kings! They have sweet & sour sauce, satay sauce, chilli sauce, sambal sauce, garlic sauce, sweet sauce, thai sauce and many more! OMG! You will be surprised that each of them matches perfectly with any skewer.

Our favourite lok-lok stalls in Penang are none other than the famous Pulau Tikus lok-lok stall and Seaside lok-lok stall at Chai Leng Park! Slurp!


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Fluent Space, coworking space for freelancers @ Kuala Lumpur

The slick, industrial atmosphere of Fluent Space is nicely contrasted by DIY accents (think handmade pinewood tables) and welcoming vibes. The space can be arranged and rearranged to suit a variety of business needs and has attracted clientele from tech start-ups to illustrators. The space boasts two conference rooms, bathrooms with showers, lightning-like wifi, and a communal kitchen. It is an easy and comfortable place to settle in for a productive day. 

While the space is inviting on its own, Hasbee, the owner/manager, makes it a must-try. He is your do-everything guy; a man of many talents and a fascinatingly varied employment background, he can troubleshoot your Mac (or PC), offer business advising, and help you find great coffee. And when you need a break from your screen, meet him in the lounge for a philosophical chat over snacks. 
The security is great but the trust is even better and Fluent Space functions more like a family study than an office block, the sign of an excellent co-working solution. Break from your coffeeshop crawl and enjoy a day, week, or month in this quiet, friendly, and laidback venue. You’re sure to have a successful visit. 

One wall of the space is lined with windows.  However, if the screen glare is too much, Hasbee has sewn blackout drapes that keep the ambient light conditions flexible.

Thanks largely to Hasbee, the space is often host to local activist groups, and he works hard to make sure communities of all sorts feel comfortable meeting there. 

The printer is available to month+ members, but if you need something printed as a day-rater or conference member, just ask Hasbee and he'll be happy to assist. 

Need to meet with a client? The conference rooms are equipped with white boards and sound muffling panels to keep meetings disruption free.

Security is a top concern at Fluent. You'll need to get a keycard at the front desk, then be buzzed into the space itself. Month+ members are given 24-hour access.

Coworkers share a kitchen area, fridge and dishes.  Recycling is encouraged, and for more conventional office-goers there's even a water cooler.

Fluent Space
A-10-03, Plaza Taragon Kelana, 
No 3, Jalan SS 6/6, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia

Business hour: 
Mon - Fri: 9.00am - 6.00pm
Contact No.: +603-7887 6620
+6017-2652598 / +6012-2811150 (After office hours)

Photo credit:
TourDirections Asian Explorer
Street Photographer

Monday, 10 August 2015

Fuyaki Western & Japanese Fusion Restaurant @ Kajang

The space is casual and streamlined (we love the recessed branch lighting) and great for groups, but the real reason to visit Fuyaki Western & Japanese Fusion Restaurant in Kajang is the vast array of inventive, intercultural dishes that are worth the drive from KL. The grilled vegetable skewers with crunchy broccoli and savoury oyster mushrooms will have you signalling the waiter for more and you’ll need every last french fry to mop up the extra teriyaki sauce on the first-rate chicken cutlet. Drizzle lemon over the salmon head for a nutritious and satisfying option that could easily become your go-to favourite.

Whatever you choose, be sure to pair it with an artful carafe of ice-cold sake. It’s crisp and slightly sweet and has a smooth finish for ultimate drinkability. If beer is more your style, the Kirin Ichiban is a must; slowly pour into a frosted glass for a snowy magic show that will jazz up your Instagram feed. A bowl of addictive crispy fried crab filaments is the perfect with-beer snack.

The generous and friendly owner, Mickey, and his chef are constantly experimenting with new fusion flavour combinations and we were lucky enough to be served a few off-menu test plates (if you happen to see seafood udon or prawn fried rice with albacore roe listed in the future, you know what to order). Fuyaki is definitely one to watch; the future holds promise of more delicious and creative fare that will surely establish this new restaurant as a perennial favourite.

Start things off with the magical malt that somehow freezes the instant it hits the glass and watch chunks of ice float up from the bottom.  Drink quickly!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

RGB & The Bean Hive, Workplace-cum-Cafe @ Kuala Lumpur

Tucked in the leafy shadows of a sleepy residential street one finds the unassuming RGB & The Bean Hive, marked only by a small sign and a pair of outdoor tables. One enters to find a surprisingly spacious venue with a small front room, an air-conditioned dining room, and a breezy open-air courtyard of mix n’ match tables and sit-all-day sofas. The decor is eclectic and charming, ranging from serene minimalism to a funky, bright, al fresco aesthetic that evokes slow afternoons with neatly drawn lattes and a pile of books (or friends). The wifi is zippy and free, making RGB an inviting workspace as well for those in need of a more “productive” day.

However you spend your time at RGB you can expect a delicious meal loaded with good-for-you local veggies and homemade treats. Vegetarians and vegans will delight in the mostly plant-based menu but omnivores are not forgotten and there are rotating meat options as well, though we highly encourage you to step out of your burger-bubble and venture into vegetarianism just this once. The whole-grain, vegan waffle with caramelised bananas, homemade coconut ice cream (vegan!), and fresh strawberries will prove to even the most staunch fast-food-eating carnivore that “healthy” and “vegan” are not synonymous with “bad.” Enjoy your waffle with an iced soy latte to round out the vegan experience and consider yourself converted. (In fact, owner Li is not a vegetarian herself but wants to encourage Malaysians to reduce their meat consumption for the health of their bodies and the health of the planet, all without sacrificing an iota of eating pleasure.)

Not in the mood for something sweet? The broccoli salad will satisfy your slaw craving with its fluffy texture, nicely contrasted by crunchy cashews and sweet, chewy raisins. Or try the pumpkin soup, perfect for a rainy afternoon when you want something creamy and rich. The freshly-ground black pepper on top gives it a little kick. Follow up either option with the beet burger: a filling and colourful stack of that fuchsia superfood, with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, cheese, and an optional sunny-side egg. Want to make it even healthier? You can skip the bun and pop it on a salad.

Ante Kitchen and Bar @ Solaris Dutamas (Non-halal)

Not just for bacon aficionados. Ante Kitchen & Bar will wow you with its fresh ingredients and inventive combinations. 

Cool and casually sophisticated, Ante Kitchen and Bar is a chic place to indulge in all of your pork-based fantasies. The thick house-smoked bacon, the sweet pork belly, and the fall-apart-perfect char siew all showcase undeniable talent and an appreciation for quality. Named for the poker term, Ante definitely raises the stakes. Or rather, the steaks. The highlight pork steak, served with a truffle butter emulsion, roasted potatoes, and fresh greens, has dutifully earned its fame. That first savoury bite will confirm its trademark status.

While best known for their pork dishes, Ante’s other selections won’t be overlooked. It is evident that great care and creativity are lavished on every plate. Playful touches make each dish shine with unpredictable flavors. House-curing, hints of citrus, and a secretive drizzle of pesto oil elevate the salmon and eggs from a solid standard to a knockout brunch option. The salads are sublime, the homemade, pan-fried gnocchi will leave you questioning how Italy went so wrong, and the deep fried eggs with their perfect yolks and buttery crusts are so surprising and enjoyable that you’ll forget to wonder how on earth they made them.

No matter your order, you’ll be grateful for the comfortable leather chair as you clean your plate of its generous portion. And despite the protests of your satisfied stomach, you will need dessert. Top off your meal with a homestyle apple crumble or the unforgettable Valrhona delice. The rich chocolate pairs perfectly with your evening espresso. Get your weekend reservation now, you don’t want to miss out.